inspector text 2.0

inspector text 2.0

Extremely powerful search & replace worksheet formula functions for MS Excel
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inspector text is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel that adds powerful worksheet formula functions for working with text in worksheet cells, including search & replace, and fuzzy matching.
inspector text's search & replace functions are vastly more powerful and useful than the search & replace functions built into Excel (FIND, SEARCH, REPLACE, SUBSTITUTE, LEFT, RIGHT, & MID), yet are easy to use and do not require any special knowledge.
-- Use several powerful wildcards and substitutions.
-- Search from left to right or from right to left.
-- Choose whether search is case sensitive or not.
-- Restrict search to text that appears before (or does not appear before) other text you specify.
-- Offset both the position and the length of the text found by any amount.
-- If replacing text, choose whether to replace only the first matching string found, or to replace all matching strings found.
-- If replacing text, rearrange text as desired, instead of (or in addition to) replacing it.
-- Return any of 22 kinds of information about the text found, such as position, position from right, text string found, count of all text strings found, array of all text strings found, etc. etc.
-- Choose a friendly, custom message to return if no match is found, instead of returning a standard error, if desired.
inspector text's fuzzy matching worksheet formulas allow you to determine whether or not the text in two cells is similar, or find the characters they have in common. They can also be used to find the text items in a list that are most similar to a target text item. Finally, you can easily find the needle in that haystack!
inspector text also adds worksheet formula functions that evaluate concatenated formulas, that return ordinal indicators for cardinal numbers ("1st" for 1, "2nd" for 2...), that exclude or retrieve lists of characters from text, and that perform Regular Expressions search and replace.


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